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Fido's Treehouse Adventure

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--- Fido's Treehouse Adventure has been optimized to play on iPad 2 and the New iPad (iPad 1 may experience significant performance drop or even crashes) ---

Reviews (based on the FULL version)
● "Overall, this app is a good buy..."

● " creative and fun for kids 3 – 7 years"

● "Homerun!"

● "Simply brilliant, your kids will love it."

● " a sure hit among kids who truly enjoy doing some treasure hunt."

● "A pleasant pastime for toddlers and a true adventure for older users."

● "Let them experience the fun of a scavenger hunt..."

● APPreciation: "...a great, fun, family friendly, educational app that I would HIGHLY recommend."

● "It was fun to just wander around and interact with different things."

● "this app will have a high appeal and remain running in your device system tray for quite some time."

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Fido Treehouse Adventure comes with outdoor and indoor environment that simulate real-life interactivity, providing endless fun for kids to explore and play. It is safe, it is fun, it is great for curious kids!

Fido's Treehouse Adventure is a great kids app designed for
● independent play and learn
● learn by exploration
● inquisitive play and learn

You and your children will definitely bond over a session of Fido's Treehouse Adventure!