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Do you want to manage your books effectively?
Do you need memorizing what is being read and what will be read and what have been read?
Do you wish to categorize your books by what is your own and what is borrowed?

Our BookHouse can give you a solution for all these questions.

Let me introduce 'BookHouse' now.

BookHouse is an app for managing your books effectively and for listing all your books by reading status and holding status.
BookHouse also lists your books by other options which are title, author, tag, memo, etc.
BookHouse is simple, fast and easy to use.
BookHouse provide intuitive and informative user experience.
BookHouse can enrich your reading life.

- List your books by reading status, holding status, category, title, author, ISBN, tag, memo
* Reading status : Have Read, Reading, Will Read
* Holding status : Own, Will Own, Borrowed, Borrow, Will Borrow
* Sort books by 'Date Added', 'Date Modified'
* Scroll the book list more fast and smoothly

- Powerful search
* Fast
* Various search options
* All search results are shown on the book list table

- Add a book by simple and intuitive UI
* Log a memo for your emotion and feeling of a book you've read
* Categorize the books by reading status and holding status as
'Have Read, Reading, Will Read, Own, Will Own, Borrowed, Will Borrow, Borrow'
* Also categorize them by book type, as 'eBook', 'Paper Book'
* Enter your reading page number and total page number for calculating a reading percentage of a book
* Tag each book for four tags

- Simple and understandable Book Information screen
* See all your entered informations of a book
* Modify the book information on the same UI of 'Add Book'

- How to use for the first time this app?
* When you run for the first time, touch the '+' button to add your first book to BookHouse.
* On the 'Add Book' screen, enter the information of your first book and save the information by touch the 'Save' button.
* Touch that added book in the book list, you can see the whole info of the book in the book info screen.
* If you want to modify the book information, touch the 'Modify' button. You can modify the information on the same UI of the 'Add Book' UI.
* To search any book or books, touch the magnifying glass button on the down-left side in the Book List screen. Use the search option pickers and text field to set your search option.