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Make it Yours

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IMPORTANT: To use Make it Yours ™ iPad app you will need to have a Make it Yours ™ personal or enterprise account.

Developed from a system proven over many years in professional sports, global business and the UK military, Make it Yours (TM) is a genuine breakthrough for helping people achieve their dreams and aspirations through visual success mapping.

Access your Make it Yours ™ personal or enterprise account via this iPad app, which is free to download, or via the web at, Make it Yours (TM) lets you make emotional connections to your goals and aspirations with videos, photos, notes, audio and music from your YouTube, Flickr, SoundCloud or DropBox accounts.

Use Make it Yours (TM) to define multiple paths, each with unlimited stepping stones that ultimately help you reach your goal. For organisations or groups who have an enterprise accounts, the Make it Yours ™ iPad app can be used to help teams build confidence and share the challenges they face along the way.

Sharing your achievements is easy with Make it Yours (TM). Send a link to your map to friends via email, Twitter or Facebook. They will be able to see your map, but not edit it. Perfect for celebrating success or getting that little bit of extra encouragement.

Make it Yours (TM) is used daily by organisations and some of the most successful people in their fields:

Richard Longley, former Great Britain Canoeist and Royal Marine commando said of Make it Yours (TM): “gave me the confidence to look at my goals holistically, really helping me to focus and achieve them by allowing me to map them out step by step.”

Andy Gommersall MBE, former England Rugby Team player said: “I am a massive fan of Make it Yours and would not have reached the Rugby World Cup final if it wasn’t for goal setting. The power of setting goals is that it enables you to put a courageous dream out there and plan a route to achieving it.”

Install Make it Yours (TM) today and start building your route to success!

Key Features of Make it Yours (TM)
*** Download and access your personal or enterprise account for free
*** An enhanced experience that is unique, engaging and fun to use
*** Create unlimited maps within your account
*** All your maps are editable via the iPad app or, if preferred, from the Web App
*** Share maps with friends and colleagues on Twitter, Facebook or by email
*** Use videos, photos, audio clips, music, notes or other files by connecting your map to YouTube, Flickr, SoundCloud or DropBox
*** Set completion dates for Stepping Stone tasks
*** Listen to music without leaving Make it Yours (TM)