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Captain Tooth Jurassic Teeth by DICO

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
  • Book
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Description of Cavitoids (DINOS)

Set in New Tooth City.
Our hero Captain Tooth is back again to protect children from tooth decay with his "Fluoride Shield" and "Fluoride Bolt".

When Mark Farrell, the original author of Cavitoids, was a child and on vacation he remembered seeing how distressed his mother got when trying to convince her reluctant children to brush their teeth. Eventually he decided that he needed to convey the message of proper dental care to kids all over the world, and came up with the hero, "Captain Tooth".
DICO, the app developers who have brought you world famous fairy-tales and folk stories, has teamed up with renowned illustrator, Mark Farrell and composer of many magnificent works, Kumi Tanioka to bring you a completely interactive picture book that you can "see, hear and touch". This is the second story in a series of original stories.

Each page is like a "moving picture book", containing several hidden effects. Touch all sorts of things and places within the screen and find all the actions.

This app supports 8 languages - Perfect for foreign language enthusiasts.

New features:
○ Record: Useful for reading aloud and playing back your own readings.
○ Select Subtitles/Audio: For example, apply Japanese subtitles and English audio. You can apply different subtitles and audio.

How to Record
・Select the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen.
・Enter desired name or word at "Record Name".
・Add narrator.
・Press the Start Recording icon and record your voice.
・Press the Play icon to play back your recording.
・To delete a recording, press the "Garbage Can" icon.

You can record your voice on every page. When advancing pages after recording, your recording will be played back. Pages that have no recording will automatically play the narration in the language selected in the Language Selection Screen.

* For customers who wish to use this product for educational purposes
Each language provided in this product has been localized to contain the most appropriate words for that language. Please note that there is no dictionary function included.

Furthermore, we at DICO wish to hear our customers feedback, so that we can proactively incorporate those ideas into our future products. Please feel free to write a review and let us know how you feel about our products.

[Feature]"What's so great about MOMONGA's picture books?"

1. A new era of "Interactive Picture Books"!
The possibilities are endless in this new era of picture books. Have you ever dreamed of the next generation of picture books?
MOMONGA has made that dream a reality through audio and video, and the ability to touch and move with our new "interactive picture books".
Touch all over the screen and find all the hidden effects and actions embedded into the picture book.

2. Enjoy in 8 different languages!
MOMONGA's picture books offer complete support for English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German and Dutch. These are not your traditional picture books. With audio and text in each language, those with an interest in foreign languages will be very happy.