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Why post it, then message it, then Tweet it, then tumble it, then flick it, then ... when you can do all of that all at once with a single slick mobile application called Soshagg?

(Soshag is the FREE, ad-Supported version of Soshagg. An in-app purchase allows you to turn off ads if you wish.)

- Find an article you want to share? Shagg it! Copy the URL from your browser, open up Soshagg, paste it in the message field, type your comments in the rest of the field, select what social networks you want to post that link to and tap "Post" and you are done. Long URLs are AUTOMATICALLY shortened by!

- Take a photo you want to share? Shagg it! Open Soshagg, select the photo, type in your comments, select which networks you want to post it to and tap "Post" and it's everywhere you want it all at once!

- Just want to share something cool you just did? Shagg it! Open Soshagg, type whatever comments you want to share, select which networks you want to post that message to and tap Post.

- Post a message or photo or URL to one network and want to cross-post it to a few of your other networks? No problem - use the Soshagg history function to find that post, tap it to pull it into the active message window, select the networks you want to share it on and tap "Post" - and you just cross-posted to your other networks.

- Posted something seriously cool a couple of months ago and want to put it out there for everyone to see again? Shagg it! Find the post in the Soshagg History, tap it into the active message screen, select the networks that you want to post it to and you're done!

- Want to see how many times you've posted a particular item or message? Find it in the Soshagg history screen and you can see each time you've posted it.

Soshagg works with many of the current popular social networks including:

- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- Flickr
- Tumblr
- Google+ (coming soon!)
- Pinterest (coming soon!)

And don’t worry about Twitter’s 140 character limitation – Soshagg automatically breaks longer messages up into multiple Tweets so you don’t have to change your message to fit – unless you want to (in which case an onscreen character counter tells you how many characters you have in your message).

So, if you need an easy way to post a message, URL or photo to all of your social sites all at once, just pull up Soshagg and Shagg it!