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Qin Dynasty

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Born in the year 259 BC, Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor to conquer and unite the then war ridden China. His ideology and brutal tyranny had far reaching influence to the Chinese history till this very day. The monumental QIN TOMB and the TERRACOTTA ARMY, built to honor his death, are mystical wonders to the archeologists. And the GREAT WALL, one of the seven Wonders of the World, was masterminded by Qin Shi Huang to defend his empire.

This App walks you through the era of the Qin Dynasty. With over 150 high resolution photos accompanied by descriptions to explore the three monuments: the QIN TOMB, the TERRACOTTA ARMY and, the GREAT WALL.

・This app contains a user guide and is easy to navigate.
・Four Operating languages can be easily switched on the fly and include Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and English.
・This app contains many links which make it easy to navigate between this and other of our World Heritage apps.
・Text in the app can be hidden, and slideshow mode activated to simply enjoy the photography.
・Using the app's picture folder and camera function, you can freely add and delete your own images.
・Supports iOS6.0, and has the function to share on Facebook and Sina Microblog.
・Contains background music that may be turned on and off.
・Supports updates.