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Forget about the paper sheets, the notebooks, the folders, etc. Everything that you need for your studies is in this new app. It is useful not only because everything will be more organized but also because you will save time, space and money.

- It will be easier for you to have your notes and documents organized.
- The editor will let you take notes as you like, and you can also change their features by just tapping on an icon.
- There is a drawing board for drawing or take notes by hand.
- You can include easily your own drawings or any image inside the text.
- You can add some external files from your Mail or any other app, such as the Photo Library.
- You can also send your notes by Mail as a PDF file or just print them, scaling the text size if you want to.

If you usually study by taking notes during lectures, by summarizing the books, or even by using external documents, this app will let you have everything in the same place; and organised, at the same time, by modules, folders, chapters, subjects or by additional concepts, that can be defined by yourself.

For your comfort, you can use different font sizes in your iPad and then you can print or send the documents by mail in another different font size, without changing the original note. You could also enlarge or reduce the text size and convert it to plain text as well. Additionally, you can dictate all your notes instead of writing them down. - There are 24 pen markers to highlight your notes and 28 different colors for the fonts, for instance.

Hand drawing utility, allow you, draw or write by hand. You can select several drawings to combine or separate. You can modify some characteristics of drawings, as: line color, fill color or line thickness. Also you could, a single or group of drawings, to move, to duplicate, to delete, to increase or to decrease the size, to copy or to paste.

Drawing board is four times the size of screen drawing area and there is a small copy of the full drawing board at the bottom of the screen, on a protected area for resting your hand while you are drawing or writing. To change to another drawing area just touch it.

Just changing the drawings file name, a exact copy or the current drawings is made.

If you need compose a drawing board with vertical or horizontal proportions, for including in your texts, just draw on two of the four parts of the full board. When you save the file, a image with these shapes son created.

For a quick access to your notes, you will have the modules/chapters or subjects on the main screen and that access can be organised by your personal criteria, or by default, for the last access date.

Besides, you can add images, external documents, in the most common formats, and make audio or video recordings sent or received on your iPad.

It also has its own space for files where you can keep everything that you are not currently using, but that would not mean that you can't use them as you can still look them up or even recover them when you wish.

The notes have two other additional fields: "Situations" (such as: undone) and "Actions" (such as: revise), just in case you want to classify them by these concepts. It is specially handy when you have a lot of notes and you want to take a quick look at them.