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Numerology Calc for Numerologist

iPhone / iPad
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Making numerology simpler.

Anyone will be able to easily perform numerology calculations. No matter when or where, you'll be able to quickly calculate as soon as you think to do so. Numerology can be hard to understand with numbers alone. This app displays everything graphically, allowing you to grasp numerology intuitively. Leave the bothersome calculations to the Numerology Calc and have more fun with readings.

Numerology uses different jargon and methods of calculation depending on the school. To make the Numerology Calc compatible with any school, you can change the jargon, calculation method, and master number used to fit your needs. In addition, by tapping a number, the equation will be displayed, allowing you to confirm how you're performing the calculation.

From those learning about numerology to those who practice it every day, this app can be used by a wide range of people.

The features described in the chart below are available in the free version:
1. Core Numbers
2. Bridge Numbers
3. Intensity Numbers
4. Life Lesson Numbers
5. Planes Of Expression
6. Challenge Numbers
7. Pinnacle Numbers
8. Period Cycle Numbers (Major Cycle Numbers)

With the full version, you can use the functions below in addition to those in the free version:
1. Selectable Gematria (Pythagorean / Kabbala / Chaldean )
2. Compatibility / Difference Number (Stress Number) / Concords (only iPad)
3. Personal Year
4. Personal Month
5. Personal Day
6. Transit letters
7. Essence Number
8. Hide ad
9. Editing term