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iRegoloHD is a faithful reproduction of the classic tool that every obstetrician or gynecologist knows

the Obstetrician Ruler

This new iPad version has 3 discs with a resolution of 1469x1496 points to reproduce perfectly the old paper obstetrician ruler making the most of the huge resolution of the new iPad.

1) Pregnancy Disc , setting the date of the last menstrual period the disc immediately returns the date of the alleged birth indicating clearly the week + day in which the pregnant woman is at the time. It 's also a convenient indicator of the date hereof.

2) Data Disc, the disc is automatically set by the
first disk and returns valuable data on the fetus and the mother, such as fetal weight, increased maternal weight, flow meters etc...

3) Fertility Disc , setting the date of the last menstruation can occur with the marker today's date if you are fertile or when you will be in a very intuitive (the disk is calculated at a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days and is not changed).