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Sleep-2-Peak is a sensitive scientific tool that can be used to evaluate fatigue and alertness. 

This is a validated task:

Brunet, J. F., Dagenais, D., Therrien, M., Gartenberg, D., & Forest, G. (accepted). Validation of sleep-2-Peak: A smartphone application that can detect fatigue-related changes in reaction times during sleep deprivation. Behavior Research Methods, DOI: 10.3758/s13428-016-0802-5

This 2-minute task enables you to know your alertness pattern.  Knowing your alertness pattern is useful to anyone interested in improving their performance, whether you are a high performance athlete, someone with sleep problems, a shift worker, or anyone else who simply wants to improve their productivity.  

The app was developed by a neurologist and cognitive psychologist with expertise in sleep and alertness.  After years of personally testing the app and submitting the findings to various sleep conferences, the app was recently tested in a University research setting in a group of individuals and preliminary data suggest it to be equivalent to the gold standard alertness tasks in the scientific community. (Validation article pending)

The application was developed to be sensitive to detecting:
- The homeostatic component of sleep (Decreasing alertness with increasing time awake)
- The circadian component of sleep (Alertness variation with time of day and body rhythms)
- Mental and physical capacity (results shown to correlate with mental and physical performance)
- Influence of some substances use on alertness.

By using sleep-2-Peak, you will become aware of alertness variations beyond what you can feel and you will discover how powerful your schedule choices can be to boost your performances naturally.