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TaskKit for GTD

iPhone / iPad
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TaskKit 3つの大きな特徴

2)「未着手タスク(Not yet started)」「着手済みタスク(Started)」「明日以降の未着手タスク(Feature)」「完了タスク(Complete)」を同一画面で一覧することができます。この機能により、やり残した仕事を見つけやすくなります。










"TaskKit" is, who will act as support for the smooth day-to-day work to efficiently manage complex tasks, it is difficult to schedule.

Three major features TaskKit
1)Elapsed time of the deadline can be understood at a glance and "Finish" and "start" of the task.
Please start by tapping the right edge of the left end of the line task completion.

2)Can be listed in the same screen "Not yet started" "Started" "Feature" "Complete". With this feature, I will help you find a backlog of work.

3)At what stage, you can create a sub-project in the project. I think it is still also move between projects.

The basic function of the task management application is implemented, of course, by adding powerful features described above In addition, any task can do a very efficient will be possible.

List of basic functions
Basic functions of task management while pressing, exaggerated features which complicate the configuration have been omitted.

Registering and editing a project task, the delete function
Please swiping on the relevant task Delete a task. Edit or delete can be performed in the case of project swipe.

Registering and Editing context tag, delete function

Start and end date and time will be notified.

Repetition of the task are available Daily, Weekly, Monthly, the Choose. In the select mode, you can shift the date and time of the repeat yourself. Are also available, such as when the regular meeting was extended one week, for example. In addition, in an at-a-glance icons repeatedly timing, daily, weekly, monthly processing tasks can be understood intuitively.

Database backup and restore capabilities to Dropbox.
Backups are performed automatically when TaskKit became background.

Application Information/Support