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MeasureCamera uses your iPhone's camera to measure things. Just make sure there's a credit card sized card in the photo, and MeasureCamera will try to find the card and display measurements on the screen, so you can find the size of anything in the photo.

Use MeasureCamera to find the width, height, and length of anything that you can take a photo of.

- Auto-detection of credit cards in photos.
- Choose US or Metric units if you don't like the default, (which will try to choose for you).
- Movable measurement grid, (tap and hold to move the grid).

- The credit card should be a solid color, or have a solid border. If it's two colors it looks like two shapes to MeasureCamera
- If MeasureCamera is having trouble detecting a credit card, try to put it on a contrasting background.
- The credit card doesn't have to be inside of the object you're trying to measure, but it's best if it's on the same plane as the object, (so, don't put the card closer to your phone than the thing you're trying to measure).
- Try to take the photo as straight-on to the card and the thing you're measuring as possible.
- If you're having trouble measuring a small object, try turning your card over. MeasureCamera can recognize the magnetic stripe on many credit cards even it it can't recognize the whole card.
- You don't *have* to use a credit card, any credit-card shaped card will work, (the screenshots have my Safeway card!)

Notes on accuracy:
If the thing you're trying to measure is much larger than a credit card your measurement will be less accurate. For example, measuring a ship might not work too well. Measuring things a few centimeters/inches long to a few meters/feet long will work best.