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There are a lot of maze apps for iPhone.
Most of them only use the display area which is limited by 320 x 480 pixels.

The "Maze2 A1" is totally different concept from them.

You only see the above-mentioned limited area, which is only 16 rows x 22 lines max., but the maze itself is much bigger than that like 19 x 27, 39 x 57, 51 x 71, 67 x 97.

You can not see over all maze.
That makes you much more confused and it is not so easy to reach the goal.
You may even get lost.

"Maze2 A1" provides followings;

- Case A to D : 19 x 27
- Case E to H : 39 x 57
- Case I to L : 51 x 71
- Case M to P : 67 x 97

Total 16 different mazes.

It is sure that the "Maze2 A1" must be better than any other maze apps.

How to play:

You start from top left of the maze.
To move up/down/left/right, just swipe on the screen.
Sensitivity of swipe can be adjustable by using slide at the bottom.
The goal is at the very end on the lower right of the maze, which you can not see unless you move closed to the goal.
If you got lost, you can go back to the start position by touching "U-turn" button at top left of the display.
To select different maze, swipe with 2 fingers or touch small maze button at top right of the display, then 16 mazes are shown. Touch one of mazes to select.


"Maze2 A1"は、全く異なるコンセプトです。

使う画面は上記の限られた領域で最大で16列 x 22行しか見えませんが、実際の迷路は19 x 27, 39 x 57, 51 x 71, 67 x 97など、それを遥かに超える大きさがあります。


"Maze2 A1"は、以下の迷路が遊べます。

- Case A to D : 19 x 27
- Case E to H : 39 x 57
- Case I to L : 51 x 71
- Case M to P : 67 x 97