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Arrange Sequence

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
  • Education
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For years together, parents and experts alike have found no way of stitching fun and pleasure with learning and education. Both have been considered as unique sets, with hardly any chance of coexistence between the two. ArrangeDays is here to playfully play down this myth. With an intriguing consortium of tasks like sequencing weekdays, months, numbers and words; the app can engage young minds for hours, while simultaneously exercising their brain cells. It is meant for kids between the age of 3 to 7 years and promises to stimulate their intellectual desires.
Here is how the game works:
•As mentioned earlier, the game is about arranging things in the right order. Examples of the same could be weekdays, months, numbers and words.
•The game starts with one element in the centre of all activity; say, a weekday (eg. Monday). All the other relevant elements are placed randomly across the screen (eg. The rest of the days of the week).
•The job of the gamer is to arrange all the elements in one sequence. Thought this was easy? Club this with the pressure of stifling timeline and that is where we make a real game out of it.
•Kids can long tap on the elements to hear them. This makes it simpler for the ones who have not befriended reading yet.

Given that the game is meant for the kids, it aspires to be a motivator and not a spirit dampener. While every right answer receives an applaud, wrong answers are met with encouraging sounds. The kids are always incentivized to get it right; after all, a win gets them a lot of claps and obviously some valuable points.