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JANES Rocket Book

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Available exclusively on the Apple iPad, JANES Rocket Book is an interactive book app about a rocket's incredible journey, floor by floor, through a 21-floor New York apartment.


SLIDER CONTROL: Kids are like anyone else: they like to be in control. And with JANES Rocket Book they get to control everything. Each floor includes a slider control to the left of the screen. Slide it up and down to see what happens as the rocket comes screaming through the floor. Kids absolutely love seeing the interaction of each floor as the rocket comes tearing through, and they especially love that they get to control how it all happens.

ELEVATOR: To the right of the screen on each floor are the UP and DOWN elevator buttons, as well as an indicator that shows the current floor. Pressing on the UP button takes you to the next floor above. Likewise, pressing on the DOWN button takes you to the floor below.

BUILDING: The outside view of the building is accessible on each floor by clicking on the transparent "Building" icon that is present at the top right of each floor. Kids love being able to see the outside of the building and to flick the building up and down from top to bottom. This is also a quick way to jump between floors, especially if you want to jump between several floors. Just click on the window of the floor you want to enter.

In addition to all of these great features, JANES Rocket Book also features professional background music and narration. We hope you enjoy JANES Rocket Book as much as we did creating it.

NOTE: There are several ideas for additional features we would love to add to JANES Rocket Book in future updates depending on the reception it gets, such as games, puzzles, interactive Read-By-Myself content, and much more. If there is something you would like to see added please let us know and please help us spread the word about JANES Rocket Book.