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Jump Panda

iPhone / iPad
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  • Action
  • Racing
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“Jump Panda” is an amusing game which uses gravity sensor. The protagonist, Panpan, is an ambitious panda Panpan with wicked smile in its face. Your strain capacity can be tested by various kinds of game levels, while your reverse thinking ability can be exercised through the control of reversing directions.Eat the delicious buns together with Panpan and keep constant upward jump!!! You are sure to enjoy the excitation of the skyrocketing, the refreshment in the thousand meters high sky, and the fun of searching for the treasure!

Long time ago, there lives a panda cub, a trouble maker, in Panda Village among the bamboo groves in a remote valley. The panda was born to be like bouncing and vivacious. It is headache that villagers complain to his parents about being teased by him every day, but Panpan is lively and optimistic. And he bounces happily regardless the blaming.

The drought lasted for several months this year. The villagers are running out of food. They pray sincerely every day. One day, lots of various kinds of steamed stuffed-buns suddenly appeare in the sky. Everyone is anxious, because the steamed stuffed-buns are too high to be caught. When the villagers are at their wits' end, a little silhouette suddenly soars up into the sky. It is actually the bouncing Panpan. In the expectation of all the villagers, he keeps on jumping up, hoping to catch as many steamed stuffed-buns as possible.

He sees an elder in the cloud when he jumped higher enough. The elder tells him there’re lots of treasures which can solve the famine in the Panda Village. He can get the treasures when he acquires the skills step by step via eating steamed stuffed-buns. So Panpan’s jumping trip begins…

Rules of the Game
•Mission Complete Mode: the condition for mission complete is to fly upward over 1,000meters in the map. The upward power will be gained via eating the steamed stuffed-buns. Fill up the illustrated handbook with the weapons collected during the course.
•Life of the protagonist: the initial upper limit is 1. The upper limit can be increased to 999 via buying game props. The life will be reduced by one after dying.
•Game over: life reduced to 0.
•Level record: the number of all kinds of weapons you collected; the length you jumped in the map; the number of the steamed stuffed-bun you got.

Game props
•Jumping board: steps support the upward jumping.
•Energy star: this kind of star offers acceleration energy for the panda.
•Firecrackers: detonated firecrackers will lead you fly into the sky and nobody can stop you.
•Magic ring: positive energy which will adsorb good things.
•Lotus umbrella: beautiful parachute which reduces your falling speed.
•Impenetrable defense: protect you from the enemy and danger.
•Somersault cloud: you can wear a pair of accelerating shoes made of cloud which will promote the upward power.
•Sapodilla plum: sapodilla plum is made by masters. You can magically conjure out many phantoms after eating it.
•Fortunately box: magic box which brings lucky and will change bad things to steamed stuffed-buns and energy stars.