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Three Little Pigs Eliminate HD

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This is an interesting eliminating & TD game, whose background is the classic fairy tale ”the three little pigs” as known for everyone. In the game, the wolves will turn up from the right side, and march into the left slowly in order to invade the home of the pigs on the left. The game needs you to defeat the wolves and help the pigs to guard their homes, according to eliminate the stones with a color corresponding to the wolves. If the wolves reach the left, they will destroy the house. Once the damage is achieved 3 times, homes will be completely destroyed, and the pigs will be taken away by the wolves, then game is over.
How to play:
Drag the stones with your finger to exchange the positions of the two adjacent stones, the stones will burst once 3 stones of the same color gathers in line. If you gather more than 4 stones, they will become “super stones”, which have special effects. As you arriving the higher level, the defenses of the wolves will be harder too. You can take full advantage of the props in the game to help the pigs. The invaders have three kinds, the common wolves, the rapid wolves and the strong wolves, whose defense and speed are different.
Props introduced
Color stone: every stone attacks the wolves
Decelerate: slow down the speed of the wolves
Frozen: freeze the arisen wolves
Color brush: change stone’s color randomly
Bomb: blow up the stones of 5x5 squares
Enhanced damage: add injury to the wolves
Wind: blow the first wolf back
Lighting: cause injury to the first wolf
Gasoline drum: cause slight injury to all the wolves
Refresh all: refresh all the stones