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Chess Score Pad Tournament Edition

iPhone / iPad
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Chess Score Pad Tournament Edition is for chess players who want the ease and accuracy of an electronic scoresheet. There is no need to write down coordinates, just move the piece by dragging or tapping. Since you see a graphic of the board for each position, you know your scoresheet is accurate.


Portrait and LEFT and RIGHT hand landscape layouts so you can find the best position for your iPod Touch or iPad.

- You can rotate the board using the "Rotate Board" action or the standard iOS rotate gesture.
- There are several features to make it easy to enter game information like the event, names, round and date. 

- The moves are automatically saved so you don't have to remember to tap a save button.

- After the game you can print the notation or email the game notation with a PGN file attachment so you don't need to manually enter your game to a chess engine or database.

This app is similar to Chess Score Pad except that it enforces AirPlane Mode for recording moves and you must enter the results of a game before exiting the move recording mode. It cannot check for illegal moves since this violates the USCF Rule for electronic scoresheets.

From the Chess Score Pad home page:

This version is designed for tournaments

* Games cannot started unless Airplane Mode is turned on.
* Once you begin to enter moves you must enter the results of the game before you exit, or the game will be marked "Abandoned" and locked from further editing.
* Once the results have been entered, you cannot edit the moves or the results using Chess Score Pad. You can edit and annotate the game after you email the PGN to your PGN database.
* There are no options to check for illegal moves or positions.


The games are locked if you exit the app during a game to discourage someone from using a chess engine during a game.

Using the iOS Guided Access after launching Chess Score Pad will prevent you from accidentally tapping the home button and exiting the app and having your game marked abandoned and locked. Guided Access will "lock" your device to Chess Score Pad. If the TD wishes, they can provide a Guided Access passcode to assure that the device is a dedicated electronic scoresheet while being used at the tournament.

Chess Score Pad is not certified. The USCF does not prohibit the use of electronic scoresheets that are not certified. You just need to check with your tournament director or opponent before using it in a tournament.

Note for TDs: By allowing a player to use Chess Score Pad Tournament Edition you know that their device will be on the playing table locked (with iOS Guided Access) and in Airplane Mode, in plain sight and cannot be used for phone calls, text messages, or chess engine applications. Not allowing honest players to use their iPad, iPod or iPhone as an inexpensive electronic scoresheet will not stop the dishonest player from using them to cheat.

More screenshots and documentation of all of the features can be found at and our Facebook page.