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Mt. Hachijo-Fuji: "Elevation: 854m. The volcano which rises over the Japan Current"

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This is the photograph collection in which a photographer, Kaoru Honda photoed the highest peak, Mt. Hachijo-Fuji in Izu Islands, Japan. High Definition quality, and supported Retina Display.
The charm of Mt. Hachijo-Fuji is "Ohachi-Meguri" which goes around the surroundings of about 400m in diameter an almost circular crater. The ridgeline which a crater is sharp and rose steeply. The blue Pacific Ocean which spreads under its view from the summit of the mountain. And violence which volcanic topography produces. They have the force which overwhelms those who visited.
It is the HD photograph collection which selects 40 photographs of the Mt. Hachijo-Fuji mountain climbing, attaches expository writing to each photograph so that it may become helpful, when readers visit, and enabled it to check a photography point with a map.

* Tap or pinch the thumbnail images below the contents screen to display the full-screen photos.
* Flick or tap the side of the full-screen photo to move next contents.
* Pinch close the full-screen photo to go back the contents screen.
* Tap the center of the full-screen photo to display the captions. Tap the screen again to go back the full-screen photo.
* If there is the map button at the upper-right corner of the caption screen, you can see the photographing place on the mapview. (Only internet connection)

The information included in this application was accurate at the time of writing. Please be aware that things may change in the future.

[About the author, Kaoru Honda]
Writer, Photographer and iOS app developer based in Kyoto.
Born in Kobe in 1972.
Admitted to the University of the Ryukyus in 1991, having first set foot on Okinawa for the entrance exams. Toured Okinawan battlefields, visited U.S. military bases, snorkeled, drank "awamori," and generally fell in love with Okinawa's culture, nature, and history.
Founded DEEP in 2000 and began working as an independent web designer/programmer.
2012, moved from Tokyo to Kyoto for enjoying Kyoto life and photographs.