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Logic Detective

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Logic problems require you to use and develop your analytical skills. Use the clues to fill in the logic grid. Each scenario requires you to deduce connections between items such as groups of people, places, times and objects.

What's that? You've solved all the puzzles already? Unlike other apps, this one randomly generates puzzles so the same scenario can be played over and over again with new sets of clues and answers giving each puzzle unlimited playability.

- Five difficulty levels for each scenario
- 72 scenarios to play through
- Multiple grid sizes
- Option to show mid-game updates of how many answers are incorrect
- "Be Lazy" button saves you having to manually put crosses in every square after you put a tick in that row
- Saves games between sessions
- Solution button which provides a logical breakdown of how to use the current clues to solve the puzzle
- Choose from nine colour schemes
- Supports rotation

Puzzles generated by this app are for non-commercial use only. This is an on-going project and updates will include new puzzles and better clues. Before you give this app a low star rating please contact us on twitter @goatsandtigers.