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Hanse Orga specializes in software solutions that are integrated in SAP that allow medium and large organizations to significantly increase effectiveness in their Financial Supply Chain Management. Hanse Orga FinanceSuite provides five modules that are fully integrated in the SAP standard. The five modules can be combined flexibly: AutoBank Automatic Cash Application, Cash & Liquidity Management, Payment Management, Treasury Management and eBAM (electronic Bank Account Management). All essential functions for an ideal Financial Supply Chain Management can be processed directly in SAP. Intelligent features provide, for example, automated processes, significant savings in regard to both time and costs and complete compatibility with auditing requirements.

FinanceSuite AutoBank Automatic Cash Application

The module facilitates the automatic account assignment of your bank statements, remittance advices, checks or lockbox files directly in SAP. Both manual effort and DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) are reduced significantly. The solution provides many intelligent filter functions and an optimized manual postprocessing. Functions such as the Performance Cockpit and a Dispute Monitor facilitate particularly efficient processes and an overall more transparent database.

FinanceSuite Cash & Liquidity Management

The module allows an effective cash management and an efficient liquidity planning in SAP. All necessary data are automatically imported in SAP and are available immediately. Functions are controlled centrally with the Cash Position Worksheet. Balances of the group and all subsidiaries are thus available in real time. Here both SAP and non-SAP companies are considered. A rolling liquidity planning incl. automated actual data assignment provides the necessary current information for this.

FinanceSuite Payment Management

With this module you process all of your group's payments in a well-structured and user-friendly manner in one central platform. It also allows you to set up a Payment Factory. Here you control and optimize all electronic payments of your group. The module is SWIFT-certified. Many common national and international formats, SEPA and the connection to SWIFT simplify your bank communication and speed it up.

FinanceSuite eBAM

eBAM facilitates management of your bank accounts and control of bank costs in SAP. It also facilitates the central storage of all important bank-relevant data. With only one click you have access to a group-wide overview of all active and inactive bank accounts. This means you always have and overview over your electronic account management, incl. signatories, maximum amounts per signatory, contact history for the bank, bank conditions and much more. eBAM supports the electronic opening, changing and closing of your bank accounts and signatory powers. The integration in SAP allows that relevant documents, such as contracts and general terms and conditions, are archived centrally. Performance analyses and an efficient relationship management with your banks are also facilitated by FinanceSuite eBAM.

FinanceSuite Treasury Management

This module combines powerful functions in SAP to one independent solution. With little customizing effort, the lean system provides a central platform to display your financial transactions directly in SAP. Manage and post your foreign exchange and money market transactions, loans and investments as well as interest rate transactions in a central location - comfortably and quickly. This gives you a real time overview and simplifies your risk management. The data are also immediately incorporated in your cash management. The netting module achieves significant savings, for example in regard to transaction costs.