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Elyx Mobile Touch

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Elyx Mobile Touch, the mobile solution in the Elyx product range, allows you to integrate, query and update spatial data directly, on a tablet.

In response to recent developments in mobile technology, STAR-APIC has upgraded its range of mobile solutions associated with the Elyx product range, including the Touch version of Elyx Mobile in partnership with Geolives S.A.

Elyx Mobile Touch has simplified features to take advantage of multi-touch gestures. This solution is aimed at off-site workers requiring a simple and easy tool to upload information observed in the field.

Elyx Mobile Touch can work unconnected to an Elyx server (offline mode) or connect directly if Wi-Fi or 3G is available (online mode). The offline solution is based on map data tiles which are stored locally on the tablet.

Elyx Mobile Touch fits perfectly into the Elyx architecture reducing duplication of administrative tasks, and can also connect to other online services.

Elyx Mobile Touch is aimed at all professionals who need to work in the field to carry out inspections or to record geo-tagged information.

This solution is the mobile addition to STAR-APIC’s business applications for land and property management (roads, parks, street furniture, lighting, security, forest agriculture etc.), and network management (water, electricity, gas, telecom, etc.).

Why use Elyx Mobile Touch?
• Capture information directly in the field, simply and efficiently
• Use a device with a very small footprint,
• Replace paper records with a more adaptable tool,
• Efficiently update an existing database,
• Save time gathering information,
• Avoid double entry,
• Benefit from new technologies,
• Enhance your GIS and corporate data.