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JuryStar Law Student is the original JuryStar voir dire iPad app. The seating chart will accommodate law school mock courtrooms with 3 rows of either 6, 7 or 8 seats. The two primary assets of this app for law school students are:

(1) the “best practices” design for voir dire preparation, and

(2) the qualitative rating system for multiple issues that may pertain to a single case.


JuryStar Law Student offers a best practices approach to conducting voir dire with a powerful yet simple alternative to the traditional jury assessment system. Created by a litigator with more than 50 jury trials and fine- tuned with the help of many other litigators, JuryStar Law School teaches law students how to organize cases using key topics with lines of questioning for each topic to help prepare the best case for a jury trial.

Features include:
-Enter voir dire topics and questions directly into the app
-Integrate the lines of questioning with the notes kept on each juror
-Immediately document the juror responses helpful to your case
-Immediately document group responses with a single touch
-Assign a value to both individual and group responses
-Rank favorable and unfavorable jurors
-Observe all jurors' rankings on a single screen
-limited to a maximum of 24 seated jurors

A special thank you to our Development Team at for your dedication to excellence on this application.

JuryStar Law Student is our entry level best practices jury selection application. For many more advanced features, please see JuryStar 2.0 on the App Store.


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