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Marketing Plan Premier

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Are you looking to increase sales and supercharge your marketing campaign? Do you want access to 3,000 investors? Marketing Plan Premier was written by a PhD professor with over twenty years of professional and academic experience. We partnered with Ben Stein & Accredited Members Inc., a group of over 3,000 high-net worth individuals, in order to provide you with the unprecedented opportunity to submit your idea for investor funding! This is the first and only app that helps people write a marketing plan and get access to investors!

The app walks you through the process of creating a highly effective marketing campaign. It relates all the content through easy-to-understand examples, and then provides you with a customized document, tailored to your business.

Topics covered include:

• Problem Specification
• Competitor Analysis
• Marketing Strategy
• Product Development
• Pricing Strategy
• Ad Content
• Personal Selling
• Bonus Valuable Resources

Once your marketing strategy is complete, you’ll have a customized road map that can be exported as a Microsoft Word document and used to:

• More clearly define your target customer,
• Build better products,
• Improve the effectiveness of your marketing investments,
• Increase sales and
• Educate your organization about how to improve the value of your business!

If you are serious about generating more income, you need to download this app!