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Slant Puzzle Free - Challenging, Fun, Addictive, Logic Game. Good for your Brain!

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Play a game that is good for your brain!

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Tired of mindless button pushing? Want to actually challenge and work on your brain?

How to Play:
You have a grid of squares. Your aim is to draw a diagonal line through each square, and choose which way each line slants so that the following conditions are met:

1) The diagonal lines never form a loop.
2) Any point with a circled number has precisely that many lines meeting at it. Thus, a 4 is the centre of a cross shape, whereas a zero is the centre of a diamond shape – or rather, a partial diamond shape, because a zero can never appear in the middle of the grid because that would immediately cause a loop.

+ Customize the difficulty to suit your level.
+ Stuck? Hit the solve button and see the solution.

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