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100 GA_Concepts

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*** The Best Anatomy Review! Everything you need to know before exams ***

*** Version 2.0: +10 brand new concepts!!!
110 concepts and 330 USMLE style review questions to them ***

What students say about "100 most important D&GA conceptions"?

* Student of the 5th semester: In all honesty, no one has ever provided more comprehensive preparation for any exam than that which you designed for our anatomy exams. While some visual cues were somewhat alarming, I must admit, they were fruitful. I can still see your detailed summary slides in my minds eye when reviewing Kaplan and MCAT texts…

* Student of the 2nd semester: I felt compelled to email you a note of gratitude because someone had lent me your review slides to review for the final GA exam, and it was invaluable!  My brother and my father are both doctors, and when they saw the slides my brother exclaimed that "this is medical school in 100 slides", and my dad kept saying "who is this man?  I aspire to meet him!"  … Your students are SO fortunate to have you, I wish you were a professor here at …

* Student of the clinical rotation: I am currently doing my surgical rotation at Whipps Cross Hospital, London, and I'm sure you will be very pleased to hear that many clinical educators are particularly impressed with the knowledge of SMU students in Clinical Anatomy…

Dr. Mavrych, professional anatomist with 15 years experience, designed this application for medical students. It contains only the most important and accurate information and based upon the most important clinical conceptions in Developmental and Gross Anatomy.

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