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Logitec WiFi DVD

iPhone / iPad
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Logitec WiFi DVD (app) delivers good news for movie lovers who are stacking tons of DVD movie titles somewhere at home, because here we are offering the smartest way to see these old-fashioned DVDs at your brand-new smart phone and tablet.

Since Logitec WiFi DVD (device) is not a conventional DVD writer but a media streamer that transmit the movie data through wireless connection, you can enjoy the movies through your smartphone or tablet wirelessly when you use Logitec WiFi DVD (app) with it. Of course, you can wirelessly stream your CD music and enjoy high-quality sounds that MP3 can never be. Logitec WiFi DVD (device) can stream the video files to your smart TV, Smartphone or tablet using either Samsung Allshare or DLNA. So you can share them with your family or friends in your living room.

Since some of smartphones and tablets have limited storage capacity, you may be upset if you have plenty of things to keep but just find there’s no more free space. Logitec WiFi DVD (app) is offering a good backup solution. It can wirelessly backup data such as pictures, videos or contacts to an ODD media or USB storage. Besides, if your USB storage is connected to Logitec WiFi DVD (device), you can expand your smartphone and tablet’s storage capacity by using Logitec WiFi DVD as network storage.

-Wirelessly streams CD/DVD titles from Logitec WiFi DVD (device) to your smartphone or tablet
-Wirelessly streams media files from Logitec WiFi DVD (device) to your smartphone or tablet
-Wirelessly exchanges files between your smartphone/tablet and ODD/USB storages connected to Logitec WiFi DVD

-Provides basic file manager functionality
-Supports various codec for playing videos and music
-Provides high-quality sound by playing CD title wirelessly
-Provides superior quality videos by playing DVD title wirelessly
-Provides Smart Backup to save space in your smartphone or tablet’s local storage
-Expands your smartphone or tablet’s storage by using ODD or USB storage attached to Logitec WiFi DVD (device)

To use full functionality, Logitec WiFi DVD (app) requires activation. Please refer to the following steps.
1.Power on Logitec WiFi DVD (device).
2.In your smartphone or tablet’s wireless AP list, find your Logitec WiFi DVD (device), and connect to the device.
3.Download Logitec WiFi DVD (app), and install it.
4.In the main menu, open ‘settings’, then select the ‘Activation’ menu.
5.Enter serial numbers that can be found at the bottom of your Logitec WiFi DVD (device). Serial numbers are located at the bottom left corner of the barcode. Click ‘Ok’ if you filled them in.

Supported devices
iPhone 4G, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad2, iPod Touch 4

Supported Smartphones/Tablets
iOS 4

-Music or videos may not play smoothly if multiple users are connected to Logitec WiFi DVD (device) through Logitec WiFi DVD (app).
-Logitec WiFi DVD (app) does not work when Logitec WiFi DVD (device) is connected to PC wirelessly using iSCSI. Disconnect iSCSI when you need to use Logitec WiFi DVD (app).
-Mount USB storage to Logitec WiFi DVD (device) when you need to backup something from smartphones or tablets to ODD. Backup to ODD function needs buffer memory.
-Refer to Logitec WiFi DVD (device) user manual to find supported media codec.
-To use full functionality, use Logitec WiFi DVD (app) after activation. Find Logitec WiFi DVD (device) online or your nearest stores to buy it.
-Logitec WiFi DVD (app) uses DLNA (NFLC2.1) provided by Access Korea Co., Ltd