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ITradingSignals - Trading Signals Stocks, Index, Forex and Comodities

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ITRADING SIGNAL is a Trading Signals service to buy and sell main European and American stocks, Index, Forex and Comodities following a methodology.


ITRADING SIGNALS is a service oriented to individual investors that are starting its investing career or are willing to diversify its operative with signals generated by professional traders following an own methodology.

Working order is very simple. We take care of analyzing the market in your behalf and when we notice a possible price variation, either on stocks, Indexes, Forex or Comodites we’ll let you know through PUSH notifications, so that you can do the transaction if you consider it appropriate.

Strategies in our Trading Method analyze the market in different time frames, so the signals broadcasted by our team are in Real Time. This way we can adapt to any variation on the market taking advantage of practically all its movements.

Before being sent, our team reviews signals manually and only if its success probability is greater tan 70%, trading signal is accepted and broadcasted automatically.

ITRADING SIGNALS offers four types of services in order to subscribe depending on your investor needs and your operative.

1.-Stocks Signals

Stocks signals service is oriented to short/mid term investors. On stocks we analyze company fundamentals and sector situation in order to identify tendency depth, meanwhile graphs will help to determine the exact moment to take bullish or bearish positions in the company

Stocks CFD’s are the same as regular stocks. As they are more standardized and we are looking for mid/long term movements, profitability will be expressed in terms of percentage without leverage, meaning that those leveraged investors will have to multiply profitability by its leverage level.

2.-Index Signals

Index Signals service is oriented to short term investors. On Indexes we look for quick movements so the transaction length varies between 1 to 5 days.

If using CFD’s, the value on each index point can be different so we recommend a good knowledge of the product before dealing with it. That’s why we will publish profitability in terms of index points instead of percentage.

CFD’s pro is that they allow to buy or sell 0,5 or even 0,1 contracts, so we can select the point value and therefore the risk we are taking on each transaction.

3.-Forex Signals

Forex Signals service is oriented to those investors looking for an intraday operative. Forex is the most traded market in the world and volatility is usually very high, so the safest option is lookng for quick movements. Transactions are usually opened and closed on the same day.

Forex operative can be done with CFD’S as well, allowing us to trade the lots we want, meaning that we will be in charge of assuming the risk we want to take on each transaction. Earning or loss per transaction will be published on pips.

As on Index, our recommendation is to limit our loss to 2% of our capital per transaction.

4.-Commodities Signals

Commodities signals services is only available for our Premium costumers that are subscribed to every Signal package. These signals doesn’t appear very often , but when they show, they generate high profitability because of their tendency movements.

On certain moments commodities volatility is excessive and movements are very erratic. That’s why our stop loss will be set further as it happens with stocks, trying to follow the price with some distance so that we can take advantage of the whole movement with out reaching stop loss.

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