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Sitrans Connection

iPhone / iPad
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SITRANS CONNECTION is a complete terminal (VT100 emulator) app that provides direct serial communication between an iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and all Siemens SITRANS Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow meters. Sitrans Connection enables programming, operational review, data logging and download of meter data through its direct connection to the serial port of the Clamp-On flow meters without the need for cellular service. Additionally, one-button instant “session sharing” functionality is included which permits connection with a remote server for technical support assistance from qualified Siemens field engineers. Please see the information below for full details of the app features. Or visit our website;

A cable connection kit is required to use this application and can be ordered by contacting your local Siemens sales representative or Siemens inside sales at 1-800-365-8766 ext.4519
•Serial Connectivity: Adapts to any SITRANS Clamp-On ultrasonic flow meter using a Siemens connection kit which includes a Redpark C2-RJ45V cable, an RJ45 – DB9 adapter and an interconnect cable where necessary.
•Siemens has 3 versions of connection kits available to adapt to your specific flow meter type
•Suitable for new iPhone 5 with the use of Apple’s 30 pin-to-Lightning Adaptor
•Full terminal capability and menu visibility to simplify flow meter programming particularly when working with compact meter versions (FST020 & compact-X) provides complete alpha-numeric keypad equivalent to full size meter versions and allows serial connectivity in locations where a PC would be unsuitable.
•Plug & Play connectivity, default communication configuration matches default RS232 settings of all SITRANS Clamp-On flow meters
•Settable Baud rate up to the maximum (38400) capability of the SITRANS flow meters
•Easy download of datalogger data, Site program data, and signal graph data for viewing or file transfer to a PC
•“One Touch” session sharing of your iOS terminal window with a Siemens remote server to provide access to your connection by a qualified Siemens technical support engineer. An extremely valuable feature for remote support, troubleshooting, and training. Its like having an engineer at your side without the cost of a service call! (3G or wifi connection required)
•A Connection Manager for organizing serial saved sessions which may have differing serial configurations and can be imported/exported via iTunes
•Fully configurable terminal settings including baud rate, parity, flow control, scroll buffer and column width
•Integrated Cut/Copy/Paste directly from terminal window and slide-out clipboard viewer
•Simple configuration using common command drop down menus including pre-configured (and user changeable) shortcut buttons
•User programmable special function keys in addition to standard iOS keypad to simplify programming and communication functionality
•Semi-transparent Keyboard option, allows use of full screen with smaller screen iOS devices (iPhone/iPod) for terminal viewing while still having access to keypad.