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Words Filler

iPhone / iPad
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  • Trivia
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To guess the Words Filler Word.You can give challenging word to your friends along with 2 hints, photo hint and general hint. Each Words Filler word is worth 1000 points. But if you use hints, points will be taken out! So the hints are expensive, use them carefully! Word is entered in proper case,no of words and each word length is displayed as default help. General help is free and can be used any time. General help is to tell user what category we are playing, like sports,movies,singers etc

How to Play:

Either you can play online in which we will give you word along with hints or you can set up your own word! You have to enter WordsFiller word,2 hints,photo hint and general hint.Once you start the game, the characters are randomly. You have to enter character one at a time, if that character exists at that spot in the word, it will be displayed. You can use hints while playing to guess the Words Filler word! It's great game to challenge your friends and families! There are 3 wrong characters allowed. You can attempt the same Words Filler word again , 50 points will be deducted for each attempt!

Hints: There are 4 kinds of hints, except general hint, all other hints will cost you points.

General Hint: This hint is free, it specifies what category word belongs to! eg. sports,movies etc.

Hint 1: This hint will cost 100 points, this hint is provided by user in setup to help player guess the WordsFiller Word!

Hint 2: This hint will cost 100 points, this hint is provided by user in setup to help player guess the WordsFiller Word!

Photo Hint: This hint will cost 200 points, player can see the photo images to guess the WordsFiller Word!

Use Last button to see which is the last character!

If they are incorrect, tap again until you guessed Words Filler Word!

There are 3 levels. In Easy level you can enter word with length below 7, medium level you can enter word with length 7 between 17 ,hard level will have word with length below 17 to 40.

Player will get Points for guessing correct word.

* Can be played over Projector (e.g. Optima mini projector ) 
* Audio Hints.
* Great User Interface
* Online Word/Phrases provided.
* Every game is different and challenging.
* Can listen to iPod music while playing.
* Game gets saved when application exits , interruptions like phone calls are managed.