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Travel Voice Translator Linguatec

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Productivity
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+++ Speak and understand foreign languages in a matter of seconds and make yourself understood all over the world ● First worldwide interpreter with Bluetooth chat (Shake & Connect) ● With accurate speech recognition, translation and voice output. +++
Press Reviews:
► appolicious
Translating languages has never been so fun!

►The iPhone App Review
One of the most powerful voice translating apps on the market.

Translates better than most apps - Offers the ability to store phrases - Easy to use

The voice responses are extremely life like and can be customized with either a female or male speaker. Its simplicity is amazing, yet its ability is astounding.

The app is user-friendly, straightforward to use, and will save you loads of time.

● VOICE OUTPUT FOR 38 LANGUAGES with 53 speakers
● Supports you worldwide whether travelling, in business or when learning a language – now even with offline folders

Requires Internet connection! Translations and their voice output can easily be saved in offline folders.

- Clear user concept including Voice Over support: Just select language pair, touch speaker symbol, start recording or enter text and immediately listen to or read the translation.

- Brand new: GET CONNECTED - Communicate in different languages via the patent-pending Bluetooth-chat with users of other iPhones, iPads or iPod touches in your vicinity! Simply shake your mobile device to establish the Bluetooth connection.

- Pop-up menu makes it simple to read out, copy or edit dialogues, or to share them with others by e-mail or SMS.

- Save your translations and the voice output easily in offline folders and be time efficient by creating favorites of already dictated or entered text.

-Alter the target language quickly and easily during a conversation. This means that conversing is simple even with three or four participants speaking different languages.

Businessmen and -women, sales and marketing staff, technicians, doctors, lawyers, school and university students, teachers, travellers, social workers, administrators and everyone who communicates in several languages.

- Possibility of modifying character font and size, color contrast, flag display
- Variety of voice settings

Linguatec is one of the pioneers in the field of speech and language technologies. In 2004 we have been awarded the renowned European IT prize for “Beyond Babel”, the first speech-to-speech translator for PCs. Since then the underlying technologies have been continuously improved.

Machine translation of course can't be as reliable as a trained human interpreter.
However in most cases these translations are understandable and makes conversations between you and your friends or colleagues possible, that otherwise might not take place.

For best results please use short sentences, aim for a clear and steady voice, dictate punctuation marks and minimize background noise.

The natural-sounding Linguatec Text-to-Speech Voice Reader 15 in 45 languages for private and professional use is also available for Windows PC (Vista, 7 or 8). Read more on our website