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'One of the more innovative puzzlers this year...8/10'. AppStoreArcade

Are you a Blokkhead?

Welcome to the world of Blokked, the next classic game, where the aim is to create sequences of Blokks, to unBlokk new levels, win Gold Stars and set the Top Blokks score. But watch out for Blokkbombs that blow up columns and take your lives!

If you like classic games that challenge your mental and physical agility, you will love Blokked!

Each Blokked level adds a unique new dimension to the challenge, including more colors, numbers, words, shapes, and dotty domino-like Blokks. And wacky mixed Blokk levels will truly unBlokk your mind!

All you have to do is make sequences of three or more blocks that match, or increase in value, or form a word. Score more than the target for each level, and you will quickly move through the 24 levels of the game. Clear the grid of Blokks by tapping on sequences, and form shapes to win Gold Stars and special bonuses that will allow you to reach the Top of the Blokks charts.

Game features:
•24 levels of Blokk-forming madness
•24 Gold Stars to win for making special shapes
•Blokkbombs that hinder…or can help… your progress
•Levels of colors, words, shapes, numbers, dots…and mixed levels for an extra challenge
•Wacky bonus levels for each 100000 points scored
•Use the Top Blokks rankings to compete with friends and family for top scores
•Resume game feature allows many concurrent players and games

Now we've taken Blokked to the next level, or you could say into the stratosphere! You can even play the game in 3D and defy gravity with the following features to unBlokk your mind:

* Tilt the screen side to side to direct the falling Blokks to the target column
* Tilt the screen backwards to defy gravity and slow down or even stop the dropping Blokks
* Grab Blokks in mid-air and drop them wherever you want
* New vanishing Blokks
* New color-changing Blokks
* New randomly-moving Blokks

It all adds up to one crazy, fun, other-dimensional experience for the whole family!