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iRemember - Password

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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iRemember Password is a safe and secure password manager. We use some of the most secure one-way hashing and AES encryption schemes available to ensure the security of your data.

Store all your many passwords, bank accounts, credit card info and personal data in one safe place, locally on your device. The data is save securely on the phones storage drive, so that even if your phone is stolen the thief will not be able to access your data without your password.

This app never communicates to the outside, your passwords and personal data will only be available to this app and only on this device. There is no online databases or inApp purchases or other shared services. Version 1.0.4 adds the ablility to enable iCloud on a per Username basis if you so choose.

This app is very simple to use, create a local user, add your data, review when ever you forget a password or account number that you need.

Worried about how safe the encryption method is: Andrey Bogdanov a key crypto researcher from the K.U.Leuven University recently stated: "To put this into perspective: on a trillion machines, that each could test a billion keys per second, it would take more than two billion years to recover an AES-128 key,"

We are using one-way hashing methods and AES-256 not 128.

The only way someone is going to get in is if they guess your password, so be sure to make your password strong, don't use dictionary words and include numbers and special characters.