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Welcome to SimPhysics, a collection of 50 games with over 350 levels to help you deeply engage with the physics behind rollercoasters, cannons, cars, cameras, lenses, mirrors, charges, magnets, electricity, free body diagrams, waves, tires, helicopter blades, swings, gravitation, friction, towing and more!

Each game invites the player to tackle new challenges and figure things out. Whether it is helping an eskimo get home or firing cannons to hit targets or playing ice-hockey with electric charges, students will have plenty of opportunities to exercise their creativity, figure out what works and what doesn’t and build confidence in their abilities. While the students are engaged in hands-on learning, SimPhysics tracks their interactions and allows teachers to see in real time how the students are progressing.

SimPhysics was created by a team of engineers and physics teachers. Our California based engineering team has spent over a decade building simulations for companies like Boeing, Toyota, GM and Porsche. Our team of teachers has collectively spent many decades in classrooms in Massachusetts, California, New York, New Jersey, Iowa, Texas and Mexico teaching physics to students ranging from elementary school to college level. Enjoy this free app and watch for future updates as we add more insightful games.