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Simply Write - Handwriting Notebooks

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"It’s the perfect replacement for pen and paper" -
"Just about the closest you’ll get to an electronic piece of paper" -

Whether you need to jot down small memos or create a full journal whilst on the go, Simply Write is here! Download this uniquely practical handwriting app, write what you need, and don’t bother with all the useless features you don’t need!

Simply Write is an awesomely practical handwriting utility that lets users write notes, journals, and anything else they want!

With Simply Write there are no complex menus, useless functions, or impractical bells and whistles that stand between you and your notes. Built on highly intuitive, effective handwriting controls this app gives users the freedom to create and save as many different workbooks as they want, format them with ease, and seamlessly get on with their busy daily lives.

Finally, a writing solution that’s as simple to use as pen & paper, & without the hassle.

This innovative tool comes complete with easy header formatting, date stamping tools, and a unique line-by-line magnification feature that magnifies each line of user’s workbooks to ensure that their completed notes are easy to read and appropriately sized.

Simply Write Features:

●Options to create as many diverse handwritten notebooks as users need.

●Notebooks can be password protected.

●Responsive gesture based handwriting controls.

●Shrinks large comfortable handwriting into small neat lines.

●One click header formatting, workbook titling, and date stamping options.

●Easy exportation options via Dropbox and email which users can utilize to share or backup completed workbooks.

●In-app printing options via Air Print.

Simply Write is developed by Ziggytech Mobile Apps.