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Moms on Call

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Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Moms on Call™ can help! Babies and toddlers are built to follow a 24-hour routine each day and if we do the same things at about the same times each day (according to their natural rhythms), they love it and can settle into a more predictable routine. Moms on Call™ resources and schedules have helped families all over the globe to establish routines that promote healthy sleeping and feeding habits!

Our Moms on Call™ schedules follow the natural rhythm of babies and toddlers from birth to four years of age, PLUS we offer combined schedules for families that have babies AND toddlers in the same household. (See what 8 kids, 24 years of pediatric nursing and 13 years of partnering with families to achieve great sleep has taught us!)

Each schedule comes complete with feeding and napping guidelines at the touch of a button and works with both breast and/or bottle fed babies.

As moms who live in the real world, we have also designed a "CRAZY DAY" button that you can push anytime you get off schedule. Then you will know what key elements to keep in place when life gets crazy.

Plus, you can set alarms for every feeding time (for those sweet babies) OR just for the key elements in promoting and maintaining healthy sleep habits.

Need a night out? Print your schedule and put it on the fridge for the babysitter or the grandparents!

For every age group, you can choose from two different schedules to accommodate your personal routines.

*Have a baby AND a toddler?
The combined schedules take great care to arrange for moms and dads to have time to run errands AND a 1-2 hour break each day with BOTH children napping

This App is designed for healthy babies/toddlers and to work in tandem with the Moms on Call educational book series.

What is Moms On Call™?

Moms on Call LLC is an Atlanta-based phenomenon. As two pediatric nurses and moms, we started serving local families with in-home parenting consultations from birth to 4 years of age. And now, by combining technology, common sense and a passion for families, we have supported and partnered with parents all over the globe. Our schedules, books, swaddling blankets, online resources and seminars have helped thousands of families to have dependable daytime routines as well as babies and toddlers that SLEEP ALL NIGHT! Why do our methods work? Because we have been there! With 8 children and 24 years of pediatric nursing behind us, we
learned a few things that we love to share. We invite you to find out more about us at