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Public Relations Premier

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Are you trying to grow your business or looking to find new ways to raise awareness? Public Relations Premier creates a customized PR Strategy that can be exported to a Word document and is the perfect application for anyone looking to increase awareness for their business. It was written by the PR Director for a multi-million dollar internet company and it helps entrepreneurs and small business owners raise awareness for their business, which helps drive customer engagement and sales.

The app walks you through the process of creating a highly effective public relations campaign. It relates all the content through easy-to-understand examples, and then provides you with a customized document, tailored to your business.

We have also partnered with Ben Stein & Accredited Members Inc., a group of over 3,000 high-net worth individuals, in order to provide you with the unprecedented opportunity to submit your idea for investor funding! This is the first and only app that helps people write a public relations strategy and get access to investors!

Topics covered include:

• Press Release Creation
• How to Create News
• Tactics for Distributing Material
• Target Market Research
• Fact Sheet Development
• Bonus Valuable Resources

Once your marketing strategy is complete, you’ll have a customized road map that can be exported as a Microsoft Word document and used to:

• More clearly define your target customer,
• Build better campaigns,
• Improve the effectiveness of your marketing investments,
• Increase sales and
• Educate your organization about how to improve the value of your business!

It is the only public relations strategy generator on the iPad and the intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use. If you’re serious about raising awareness for your business, you need this app!