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RealSize Viewer

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RealSize Viewer runs on iPad (except first and mini)
RealSize Viewer is a Free Viewer for the objects created with the RealSize App.
RealSize Viewer allows for the perception of the real size of an object, almost as if it were in your hands.
Usually, when we are viewing images of an object (on the internet, magazines, TV, etc. ) we create a mental image of its size. It is very common that this mental image is incorrect, and as soon as we have the opportunity to physically hold the object in our hands, the real size surprises us.

RealSize Viewer is an innovative tool that combines several different technologies (3D rendering, physics, multitouch, motion sensors) to provide you with a very realistic perception of an object's real size.

This short video ( shows how RealSize Viewer works.

The objects are created with RealSize App and are stored in a file with extension .rsz that can be distributed by email or published on the web.

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