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aycan mobile USA

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  • Medical
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Demo account: User: aycan PW: aycan

Intended use

The aycan mobile software program is used to display medical images for diagnosis from CT and MRI modalities only.

aycan mobile provides wireless and portable access to medical images. This device is not intended to replace full workstations and should be used only when there is no access to a workstation.

This device is not to be used for mammography.

aycan mobile is an iPad app which allows to display DICOM images.

With this app you can receive DICOM images in an easy, secure and fast way. There is no need for a VPN tunnel.

You can run it with a preview account with different DICOM studies in order to use the app.

User: aycan PW: aycan

To use it in productive mode you can register as a user at the server and you need an aycan OsiriX PRO with the ayMobile plugin. (Please contact aycan or your local reseller for aycan OsiriX PRO.)

Diagnostic Use Cases (CT and MRI images only)
‣ Teleradiology
‣ On call duty

Non-Diagnostic Use Cases
‣ Image distribution to referring physicians
‣ Image distribution to students

Key Features
‣ WL/WW, Zoom, Pan, Rotate
‣ WL/WW Presets
‣ ROIs
‣ Display/synchronize 2 series / Split View
‣ Embedded audio recording
‣ Messaging with Push Notification

‣ Transmission of DICOM images
‣ Lossless JPEG2000 compression
‣ Download images while viewing

‣ 256 bit AES encryption for transmission
‣ 256 bit AES encryption for storage on the iPad
‣ Password protected App
‣ Pseudonym patient names on demand

‣ No VPN connection set up required
‣ Adhoc tunneled connection
‣ Transmission of DICOM files even in different networks (e.g. Hospital -> 3G mobile network)
‣ Buddy list
‣ Intuitive user interface