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Preparing for Standardized Tests, Language Lite

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  • Education
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Preparing for Standardized Tests is a comprehensive program designed to help high school students prepare for the SAT or ACT tests.

The free test included in this “lite” app focuses on only the easiest questions on the ACT and SAT.

The other tests in the “full” app accurately reflect the full range of types and difficulty of questions students will find on the ACT and SAT tests. Each question is correlated to one of the College Readiness Skills, as well as to a lesson showing how to solve that kind of problem.

The 14 lessons in this free, “lite” version reflect the easiest skills students need to master in order to answer the questions on the SAT and ACT. Each lesson is two pages, with two practice problems. For each problem, students are shown the steps needed to solve the problem correctly. By mastering all of the lessons in the full app, students will be prepared for the full range of questions that may be on the language portion of the ACT or SAT.

Commas with Adjectives
Commas with Appositives
Commas with Compound Sentences
Commas with Introductory Phrases
Commas with Nonessential Clauses
Comparatives and Superlatives
Concluding Sentence
Consistent Verb Tense
Forms of Verbs
Irregular Verbs
Possessive Nouns
Subject-Verb Agreement
Who or Whom