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Syncteam has developed extremely portable and comprehensive product catalog and manual applications which enable the sales force of any size organization to present their company profile, detailed product information, including drill down hierarchical data for complex products, customer account information and much more, all accessible both off and online, and always up to date.

As a new subscriber, you simply fill in a form on our website using any computer and we’ll immediately activate your account. In minutes you’re ready to start putting together your catalog or product manual! Your data, such as company name, logo and color scheme, product lines and types, product details and pictures, text descriptions, brochures and other details, is stored on our cloud-based website and managed via any browser on any computer.

Once you have your data in place, you can setup individual accounts for each member of your sales team by following our easy step-by-step format. When you’re finished, and we've received your payment*, the application and data can then be downloaded to your sales team’s individual iPad's as soon as they login. Each salesperson is able to review their own customer accounts which provide customer-specific information, including ranges of products with individual prices - in different currencies if required. With our manuals, you can easily customize the app to include any special features, options or custom components which are unique to an individual customer’s product, for example, a yacht.

All the information a salesperson or end-user would likely need in their app is available offline. And if there’s a price increase or discount on a particular range of products or some kind of change in the style or design of a product, the next time a user connects to the site the changes will automatically be loaded to their iPad.

Key features of Syncteam:
- Online and offline mode;
- Categories and assemblies;
- Customer-specific profiles;
- Taxes, currencies, discounts;
- Full-screen slideshow;
- Capture orders offline;
- Email product sheets;
- Integrated barcode support;
- Connect to ERP systems;
- Cloud-based Azure storage.

* Free 30-day accounts are available too.