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For The Professional Photojournalist

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PicturePro has all the features you need to ingest, edit, caption, and transmit your images including code replacements, controlled vocabulary and a myriad of time-saving and tedium eliminating capabilities. File your images quicker and more accurately than before.

Now you can leave that heavy, bulky, battery-drained, laptop at home, at the
office or where ever you choose to let it collect dust. Just drop your iPad into a pouch
on your belt, or stick it in a coat pocket, and when there's a break in the action, or you
just can't get away to transmit your images you can do it on the fastest, handiest, most
all-business get-it-done device available.

PicturePro's intuitive touch interface, stream-lined design, and plethora of
simplifying and time saving features allow you to get your images filed faster and more
accurately than ever before.

Ingest Images

Leverage iPad's lightening fast image ingest facility to quickly get your photos off your
memory card and onto a device so you can start filing your assignment.

Caption & Annotate

This is where PicturePro leaves the competition behind. Take advantage of a myriad of
PicturePro's time saving and tedium eliminating shortcuts to caption and complete IPTC
metadata. Use PicturePro's sophisticated Code Replacements and intelligent phrase parsing to cut time
and increase accuracy. Paste Merlin/TRAX, Newsgate, DTI, (and others) assignment emails to prefill
metadata fields. Easily import XMP templates. Seamless integration with

Batch Export

Everything you ever wanted to do in an export is built-in to PicturePro's complete image
export tool. Select FTP or Email transmission methods. Batch rename with custom text and
resize images per your publication's requirements.


Utilize keywords and/or a controlled vocabulary based structured keyword dictionary for image cataloguing. Use PicturePro's
built-in FTP server to archive your exported images and retrieve the contents of iPad's
photo library.

Put It In Your Pocket

With iPad's light-weight and space saving form factor it's small
enough to fit in a pouch yet powerful enough to revolutionize your workflow. There's no
need for backpacks, outlets or looking for a place to sit. Who needs the media room!

Best on iPad with 1gig of memory. Requires iOS 8 and Apple's Camera Connection Kit (or similar card reader for CF cards).