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Do you enjoy the edge-of-your-seat excitement of poker – but aren’t too keen on
gambling? Do you enjoy the strategy and tactics of Scrabble™ – but wish that it were
more dynamic and challenging? Then you’ll LOVE the exciting, strategic and superaddictive
poker board game Rakpoka!

>Online or Offline
>Excitement + Strategy and More!

***About Rakpoka***

Rakpoka is an easy-to-learn and delightfully addictive turn-based mobile game for two
players. It blends the excitement of poker (without the gambling) and the strategy of

***Unique Gameplay***

In Rakpoka, your task is to select the best possible cards from your card rack, and in a
crossword fashion, add them to cards already on the board to form the best possible
poker hands. It’s simple to play, but satisfying to master!

***Multiple Game Modes***

Rakpoka features three game modes to suit your preference, skill level and mood:
“Friendly”, “Ranked” (3 minute timed random boards), and “Adrenaline” (1 minute timed,
suitable for more competitive gamers).

***Social Gaming***

Invite your friends to play Rakpoka via Facebook or email, and chat with them during the
game. Or choose a random player from the system and improve your ranking. You’ll also
receive convenient notifications when it’s your turn to play.

***Play Offline***

Take advantage of Rakpoka’s Pass & Play feature to compete with friends, even if you
don’t have an Internet connection, simply hand the device between players on each turn.
It’s a whole new dimension of social gaming that creates excitement, competition, smiles
and, of course, the ability to see on the Leaderboard “who’s the best around!”

***Connect with Us***

Comments? Questions? Visit us online at to learn more
about Rakpoka, and get the latest news and updates.