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Learning to Count to 100

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Learn to count in a fun and interactive way. Your child selects their level (1 to 10, 1 to 20, or 1 to 100) and they are presented with a colorful screen with multiple exercises designed to guide them through the process of understanding numbers as they learn to count.

* Great app for Educational or Personal use
* Give your child an advantage by using this app to expand their understanding of numbers
* If you have no sound, please use the "i" icon on the welcome page to contact support via email. Some users have accidentally muted their device with the mute/lock rotation switch.

Numbers are introduced using several different animations in combination with a professionally recorded child's voice to present and say numbers in a way that facilitates memory.

A series of exercises allows your child to improve their understanding of numbers through interaction, animation, and game like testing in a variety of ways including:
--- Watching and listening to animations
--- Learning to count by tapping (left to right, top to bottom)
--- Counting random numbers of objects
--- Tapping a missing number to complete a sequence
--- Tapping the number you hear (listening skills)

Other exercises are designed to teach concepts. For example:

The "Counting Columns - 1 to 100" exercise uses both numbers and animating blocks to show the relationship between the 1's and the 10's columns as you count from 1 to 100. (see screenshot 5)

The"Tap to Hear Number - 1 to 100" exercise (not shown above) demonstrates how to pronounce larger numbers by highlighting the 1's or 10's column in sync with the part of the number being said.

Other Features:
* Your child has easy access to volume control via an on-screen slider and speaker/mute button.
* The speaker/mute button can be used as a way to practice counting without sound. Your child can practice counting as the screen is displaying the numbers.