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Two Choice

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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------- Two Choice -------

** The Only app in Existence that uses a real 3D Flipper !!! **

** Your images are slapped against a 3D Flipper which you can then realistically rotate/ flip using only your finger! **

You used to be indecisive, but now you're not so sure.

Need to make a choice between which movie to see first ?
Or which restaurant to eat out at?
What shoes to wear?
Whose shout is it next?

With Two Choice, you just take pictures of the two items you need to decide between, and flip away!

Tosses can be saved for re-use.

Change the names of the images on the image selection page.

Change the saved name of the toss on the toss saving page.

Saved tosses may also be deleted.

Tap the buttons or use swipe and panning gestures to move between screens and to move the flipper.

The 3D Flipper is an actual 3D object built within Blender and displayed using OpenGL.

The flipper actually moves with your finger as you pan up and down getting ready to flick it.

The velocity of rotation ( how fast it flips ) is based solely upon how quickly you flick it.

Solely, but not completely, as you can adjust how "loose" the flipper hinge is, and how "tight" the braking pad is.

Sssssstop it!

Other Options include:
>>Turning sound on/ off
>>Adjusting audio volume higher / lower
>>Auto Saving the toss statistics
>>Turning the default tosses on / off

This tool can be used every day, from choosing which cereal to eat for breakfast, to what to have for lunch, and where to go for dinner.

Me thinks I shouldn't have typed this description while hungry!

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Behave yourselves !