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Benefits of Pineapple

  • Food & Drink
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In this study: benefits of pineapple, fruit which is credited with many benefits for the proper functioning of the human body. There are a variety of types of pineapple according to region and climate where it is grown.

We present a 3D anatomy of the fruit of pineapple you will appreciate from different angles, with a swipe of your finger and rotate the 3D object, This innovative application will let you know about the uses of this fruit with the touch of a pin may have important information about this topic.

Touching the pins as history information, products, medicinal properties, etc.. You can extend the 3D object in order to appreciate the texture, color and shape of the block.

This application focuses on the interests that people in the world had to know and use natural medicine to maximize the resources that nature provides.

This application is for all people or students who want to learn and educate themselves in the field of natural medicine and botany, and a graph will be more interactive and easier and learning fun.

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