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President Reagan PoliApp

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The Political Campaign app (PoliApp) is a new, fun, and interactive method for politicians to connect with voters on iPad. It allows politicians to create their own official publication on tablet devices that is completely customizable.

It's simple: candidates choose the content from their existing campaign pictures, stories, speeches, videos, Facebook posts, and tweets; and Swiftbot's production team swings into action using Swiftbot's patent pending, propriety mobile publication platform to create and publish the candidate's app in a few weeks.

Don't worry about the back-end heavy-lifting or I.T. support, the PoliApp is the all-inclusive service that designs, produces, and publishes your PoliApp in Apple iTunes App Store.

For dynamic and up-to-the-minute campaign news updates, there is no new content management system (CMS) to learn or worry about. Simply do what you are doing now. Use Facebook to post and/or Twitter to tweet about your latest campaign news, events, speeches, and videos, and the app will automatically update itself.

With PoliApp, voters can read about your platform, your stories, and your top issues. Voters can also listen to your speeches and view your campaign videos on the latest iPad. The best part is that voters don't have to be connected online while enjoying all the above features; but when the voters are connected online, they can also view your up-to-the-minute campaign news, volunteer to support your campaign, "like it" on Facebook, "tweet it" on Twitter, and donate to your campaign.

Why choose print, television, radio, newspaper, magazines, online articles or a blog to shape your candidacy image. Take control and reach today's multimedia-fluent, gamer-savvy voters.

Whether you are a local or national candidate, the PoliApp is a fresh and sophisticated method for voters and politicians to connect and interact on the latest technological invention, the iPad.

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