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SwingTIP Golf Swing Analyzer

iPhone / iPad
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Everyone wants to learn how to play better golf. The challenge is in knowing how to quickly improve. SwingTIP makes learning golf easier, convenient and more affordable. Use the new MobiCoach real-time, remote golf instruction service with your SwingTIP app to get real-time golf swing video analysis and instruction from the game’s best teachers, on your mobile device, from anywhere in the world. Pair the app with a SwingTIP golf swing analyzer device for real-time swing analysis

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SwingTIP with MobiCoach delivers the ultimate mobile-to-mobile learning platform, connecting coaches and students remotely, and in real-time, using video and 3D swing analysis, a live voice call, mobile device display sync, and whiteboard drawing tools. Get immediate feedback from a coach on your grip, stance, posture and golf stroke mechanics. Get real-time instruction on chipping, putting, driving, drawing, fading, swing plane, swing power, backspin, tempo, lie angle, release and much more

No need to travel to a coach for instruction. No more uploading swing videos and wait for feedback days after taking your swing. Hone your swing technique all year-round from the comfort of your living room, basement, garage or backyard. In as little as 15 minutes, you can get the feedback for real-time results

Mike Malaska, 2011 National PGA Teacher of the Year, Worldwide Director of Instruction for Nicklaus Academies. “To play your best, a golfer needs to be in regular contact with a qualified coach. Unfortunately, most golfers take infrequent lessons and bad habits can creep in between sessions. With SwingTIP MobiCoach, you can get regular lessons and “tune-ups” from a coach at anytime from anywhere, which can lead to measurable and consistent improvement of your game”

Using the SwingTIP mobile app, and the optional SwingTIP Bluetooth-enabled motion sensor, get feedback to improve your technique and game

LIVE VOICE CALL (VOIP) – connects you and the coach for a live voice call during the lesson

COACH-INITIATED VIDEO CAPTURE – a coach can remotely record and view a video of your swing, you focus on instruction

AUTO-VIDEO, 3D SWING SHARING – use your SwingTIP motion sensor to auto-capture and share swing with a coach

DISPLAY SYNC - mirrors the coach’s screen to your screen for real-time visual instruction

REAL-TIME WHITEBOARDING - Coach can markup your videos, share it on your display in real-time, to further illustrate teaching

POST LESSON REVIEW – archives coach marked up videos for review

MOBICOACH.COM USER PORTAL – free account to choose your coach and schedule your lesson with a growing roster of top golf coaches from institutions such as Nicklaus Academies, Troon Golf Academy and Jeff Ritter Golf

Use the SwingTIP app with the SwingTIP motion sensor to learn and improve on your own or in-between lessons. This Bluetooth-enabled 3D motion sensor clips onto a golf club and wirelessly transmits real-time golf swing to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Designed with leading golf experts including PGA Pro Craig Stadler, shows you what and why it happened, and how to fix it

Auto-record a video of your swing using front-facing camera
Capture and examine a 3D animation of your swing from 3 angles (target, front, top)
Get feedback on club head impact metrics: speed, tempo, clubface angle, swing path and impact zone
Star best swings for comparison
Use Analytics to pinpoint strengths and flaws on 9 power and plane swing aspects
Learn with instruction tips, videos, and scorecards
Wirelessly sync data to a free account

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