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Kids, are we there yet?

iPhone / iPad
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-> Travel Companion for kids in the backseat
-> A to Z Alphabet corresponds to distance left in your trip
-> Voice reads aloud an animal that begins with each letter
-> Simple, fun and easy to understand
-> Bright colors to keep child's attention

Keep your kids happy in the backseat with "Kids, are we there yet?"

"Are we there yet......"

"I'm hungry...."

"I have to go to the bathroom...."

Sound familiar? Well no more! Now it's time to reverse the question and ask your kids if you have arrived at your final destination.

Very simply, enter the your destination on the map and voila! Your starting point is marked with a green marker. Your destination is marked with a red marker. Your current location is marked with a blue dot. And the letters on the screen tell your child how far in the trip you have gone!

Start your trip at 'A' and pull into the driveway at 'Z'!

As the trip progresses and the letters go from A to B to C all the way to Z, animal names will appear on the screen and will be read to your child.

"A is for Alpaca!"

"D is for Dog!"

Your child can also tap the screen to hear another animal that starts with that letter.

Watching the blue dot travel towards the destination, your child will learn about the alphabet and animals at the same time.

As the trip nears its end, your child will be excited to see the alphabet come to an end with the letter 'Z' and will never once have had to ask you the question.... "Are we there yet?"