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This app brings the AVIOBOOK EFB to your iPad. Only available for pilots who have a subscription to the AVIOBOOK Platform. --- The AVIOBOOK EFB is a truly user-friendly Electronic Flight Bag software solution. As well as eliminating paper from your cockpit, it enhances your established back-office processes, increases oversight and limits the risk of human errors. The AVIOBOOK EFB is an intuitive, smart and integrated solution. INTUITIVE . Consistent and user-friendly GUI . Easy touch screen navigation SMART . Quick access to the right information . Easy filtering and handling of crucial data . Distribution of data across all modules to avoid re-entering and errors INTEGRATED . Seamless integration with back-office systems via the AVIOBOOK BASE means that up-to-date information is available at all times --- The AVIOBOOK EFB contains 8 modules: MAIN: A handy, basic platform that can easily be expanded . Smart login . Controlled update process . Operational notifications OFP: A real-time, digital operational flight monitoring and flight data excange tool . Support your operation with detailed, complete and error-free data . Increased productivity through automatic input of essential operational data . Easy 2-way revision process to fine-tune and speed up operational decisions BRIEFING: A unique pre-flight preparation tool at your fingertips . Easy access to up-to-date operational briefing data . Smart and innovative data presentation . Convenient, clipboard-style OVERVIEW page WEIGHT & BALANCE: A perfect blend between the regular computerized loadsheet and a manual weight & balance . A logical flow to easily and quickly calculate your loadsheet . A user-friendly graphical user interface with warnings . Customizable to any aircraft configuration REPORTS: A powerful easy-to-use reporting tool with accurate data, anytime, anywhere . Efficient two-way data exchange . Configurable report templates . Data export to your business intelligence tools LIBRARY: A user-friendly documentation tool providing accurate information . An excellent user experience for viewing documents with smart ways to search at an impressive speed . Easy storage and distribution of your company master library . Efficient document distribution monitoring TOOLS: Powerful and handy tools for your daily operation . Fast access to quick calculations . Fully configurable to your approved reference tables . Quickly customizable and expandable to include your desired functions GLOBE: All your relevant flight information graphically presented on the Globe . Contextual flight route information . A superb overview for increased situational awareness . A tool for fast in-flight access to information